About Me


  Dr. Vicki Leidecker

I am a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Clinical Psychologist. I have over 20 years NHS experience, working mainly with children, young people and families for the past 10 years.

I have trained in a number of therapeutic approaches and offer specialised psychological assessment and therapy to a range of individuals with a variety of  emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Alongside my private practice I work part-time as a consultant with  a psychological therapy service which provides adoption support, therapy and counselling often following legal proceedings.

In collaboration with another Clinical Psychologist, I have developed and delivered a training package based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This is aimed at helping individuals to better understand their mind and the role it plays in the difficulties they experience. The training was recently well received in a  pilot with a group of individuals attending Tomorrow's Women in Birkenhead.

The Step Away Move Towards training programme is being adapted and expanded for use in one to one therapy within my practice.

Tailoring therapies to  the needs of the individual is one of the factors which defines Clinical Psychology and first drew me to the  profession. I have  found that independent practice allows me to work flexibly and creatively in therapy, responding promptly to referrals and offering appointments to suit the individual.

  My approach is integrative, in that it borrows from  different theraputic approaches as appropriate, but at all times working in a collaborative way which is client focused.

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