ACT Training


The Step Away Move Towards programme is an innovative training/therapy course based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy aimed at  promoting mindfulness and behaviour change. It helps you to understand and allow your mind to work better for you by:

  • being present in the moment
  • opening up and allowing
  • identifying what is important to you

Why is ACT helpful?

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

Humans have come up with lots of ways to deal with the problems of life, for example by:

  • Trying to control uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, memories and body sensations
  • Distracting ourselves
  • Avoiding pain
  • Escaping – using alcohol, drugs and overeating for example

These strategies may seem to work at first, but reliance on them comes at a cost. They have a habit of increasing your distress in the long term and moving you away from the life you want to lead.

ACT can be used with anyone. It has been found to be effective with individuals with stress, anxiety and obsessional problems, depression, eating difficulties, substance abuse, psychosis and chronic physical health conditions including pain.

Details of the course

The course has been designed as a mixture of training, individual and group exercises and discussion. It is 6 weeks in duration, and each weekly session lasts for 2 hours. After the course has been delivered, a follow up session gives participants an opportunity   to provide valuable feedback and discuss progress made.           

Participants will be able to:

  • Explore why humans get stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • Learn to unhook from negative judgemental thoughts and distressing emotions, and live more in the present
  • Find a space to respond rather than react
  • Identify what’s important to them and how to move towards what really matters

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